It’s time to reach your audience at the right time, at the right place within the appropriate channel.

We provide a pay-per-click advertising network for B2B SaaS vendors. Our portal offers advertisers the opportunity to advertise in a large network of high-quality specialized publishers. We hand-pick our partners, offering you a complete customer journey, in which you can reach a specific target group.

  • One central, simple PPC advertising platform
  • Build a strong funnel with different ads and different targets
  • Speed up your growth strategy

Grow your business and scale up fast

Growing your SaaS business takes a lot of leads. Yet, targeting the right audience at scale can be defiant. Beyond the Search Engines you’ll find yourself in a scattered marketplace, and traditional affiliate programs no longer provide a sustainable solution for growth. Our platform empowers you to sustainably expand your lead intake, beyond the surface.

Extensive network of trusted partners

In our extensive high-quality network we’ll find the right context for your solutions. You are in control of the placements of the ads within the network. We provide you with diferrent forms of intergration. We take a critical look at the context of publishers in the network, and create contextual ad lists. All to provide you with the best quality leads possible.


How does our 90 day CPL-plan works

Centralize your efforts

Growing your Saas business takes a lot of leads. But finding the right audience at scale is hard, especially if SEM volume is maximized. Looking for other sources leads you to a fragmented marketplace and you do not want to hassle over terms with every individual publisher.

What can you expect?

We start with a discovery call, let’s find out more about you and your goals. The next step is getting to know more about us, we can reach out and onboard new publishers for you and we will show you our easy-to-use platform. What’s next? Time to achieve your goals and generate more high-quality leads. You are in control and you can manage your ads 24/7.

Our platform helps businessess grow by delivering valuable leads

Our tooling is plug & play. All our solutions are easy to implement and have a direct effect on the engine of your business!

Ready to use tools that focus on business growth

  • Brand page
  • More high-quality leads
  • More monthly recurring revenue
  • Increase in impressions
  • Find and onboard new publishers
  • Audience targeting

Get started quickly with our premium support

  • Customer support
  • Customer success manager
  • Dedicated growth manager
  • Onboarding with customer success manager
  • Funnel optimization
  • API access

Be in full control of your ads and campaigns

  • Always in control of your ads
  • Dedicated personal dashboard with KPI's
  • Growth strategy plan (quarterly)
  • Impact plan
  • Impact reviews
  • 90 day CPL guarantee